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Wine and Art - Pintura y Vino

Learn to paint with fluoride with our teachers

Have fun with friends, partner or meet new people

Wine and Art Experience - Art and Wine

Paint and Sip in Barcelona

What is Wine and Art Experience?

Wine and Art Experience, offers an unique and fun plan with the people you want most.

Enjoy exceptional experience in which you can immerse yourself in the creation of a vibrant picture with fluorescent paint while enjoying red or white wine. Over 2.5 hours of fun, you'll have the chance to free your creativity and give life to a work of art from scratch.

Do not need to know how to draw or paint, or to have any artistic ability prior, as our teachers will accompany you at every stage of the creative process. At the end, you'll be able to carry the masterpiece you painted with neon as a souvenir of an unforgettable experience.

Explore our calendar and select the most exciting picture that you want to paint. Get ready to experience an amazing and exciting experience.

In summary, Wine and Art Experience offers you a extraordinary plan to enjoy in Barcelona.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and exciting to live unforgettable moments!"

Taller de Pintura y Vino en Wine and Art
Wine and Art Experience: paint and drink wine with friends

Live the Experience of Painting with Fluorine paint while drinking wine in Barcelona

Come with family, friends or to meet new People. We do Team building, private events and birthday parties.

How does Wine and Art Experience work?

Great plan with friends, family or to meet people....

Taller de Pintura y Vino

Booking is very easy...

To begin, you must choose the painting to paint and the date on which you want to live this unique Fluorine Art experience. Whether you lean towards guided art experiences or painting on your own…

The price of this experience includes:

  • Art workshop for 2.5 hours in which you'll be guided by a professional. From the basics to the details, we will provide you with complete instructions on how to paint your masterpiece. However, if you feel inspired to create something different in canvas, you're completely free to explore your ideas.

  • All of the elements required for the activity will be at your disposal: paint, brushes, canvases, and aprons.

  • In addition, we offer wine (white or red) and water for you to enjoy during the experience. If wine is not your thing, you can bring your favorite beverage or inform us of your preferences in advance.

Once you have made these choices, we will be excited to welcome you to our location on Carrer de Les Sitges 11, Barcelona. Here, you can enjoy a nice time, tasting a good wine and immerse yourself in the liberation of art.

And the most exciting thing: at the end of the path, you will be able to take the masterpiece you did with you, turning it into an indelible memory of this unique experience. We look forward to your visit!

Who is Wine and Art Experience for ?

It's for all ages and you don't need to have Experience in art.

Our teachers will guide you step-by-step...

You will learn how to paint like an artist.

Learn how to paint like an artist. It is a unique experience in which you can express yourself the way you want, by pulling out the artist in you...

  • Paint with friends
  • Paints a picture with your partner (in crime)
  • Come to meet new people
  • Celebrate your birthday in Wine and Art Experience
  • We do Team Building and tailor-made Private Events
  • Organize your Girls ' night
  • Bridal showers

Book your Experience at Wine and Art and get your masterpiece to your home.