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Paint a Bearbrick (Bear) with fluorescent paint

Paint a Bearbrick (Bear) with fluorescent paint

Wine and Art | Unique and fun activity | Paint a Bearbrick

At the intersection of boundless creativity and hedonistic pleasure lies a unique experience that promises to paint a Bearbrick with fluorescent colors while enjoying unlimited wine with the help of an artist.

Paint, wine and an 18cm white vinyl bear as a canvas?

Yes, it's as exciting as it sounds. This perfect combination of art and fun offers you the opportunity to unleash your imagination in an unforgettable class.

What is a Bearbrick?

The Bearbrick is a vinyl bear that will be your blank canvas ready to come to life, and you are the artist. Equipped with a wide range of fluorescent paints and all the tools you need, this class allows you to explore your creativity and personalize your 18cm Bearbrick your way. You don't need to be a professional artist, you just need your imagination and the desire to have fun.

Immerse yourself in the world of artistic customization

This Bearbrick painting workshop is more than just an activity. It is an opportunity to explore your artistic side and create a unique and original piece. Whether you are an art enthusiast or simply someone looking for a new and exciting experience, this event gives you the opportunity to be the creator of a completely unique work of art.

What includes?

  • Blank Bearbricks, ready to be transformed into your personal masterpiece.
  • A wide variety of colors, brushes and tools to express your style and vision.
  • Guidance and advice from experienced artists who will guide you every step of the process.
  • And, of course, unlimited wine, both white and red, to relax and enjoy the experience.


How do I reserve Bearbrick Painting?

Reserve in Wine and Art Experience Website,  Bearbrick Painting class and get ready to unleash your inner artist. The combination of art, wine and a vinyl bear is the way to an unforgettable night.

Updates to the dolls to paint:

We also offer other options to paint, such as the Papa Bearbrick Painting (23 cm) for only €10, the Aviator Bear (22 cm) for €10 or even the Dog Shitting Balloon (22 cm x 23 cm) for €20. There is something for everyone!

Reserve your place and get ready for a unique experience that combines art, wine and your boundless creativity.

We are waiting for you at the Bearbrick Painting workshop for a night of fun and artistic expression! 🎨🍷🐻