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Wine and Art Neón: Mystical Elephant


Wine and Art Neón: Mystical Elephant

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🗓️ Sábado, 13 de Julio

🕐 11-13:30 h

Carrer del Torrent de l'Olla, 66, 08012

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Wine and Art: Elephant Glow

Option "Elephant Glow": Through this multi-sensory experience, Wine and Art it offers to the participants to explore the art fluorescent while drinking unlimited wine, inspired by the majesty and uniqueness of the Elephants. The bright colors will highlight the essence and vitality of these animals. We'll start by explaining how to draw the elephant, the color theory and how to mix the colors.

Once finished the sketch, then the lights and we'll have fun with the magic of painting Fluoride. No previous experience is required.

Our artists will guide you to bring out the artist in you and you take home a work bright and vibrant.

Option For Free:

In Wine and Art Experience, we leave open the possibility that you'll take the initiative and choose what you want to paint. I'll explain, also, the color theory and as mix the colors to create your work of art.

Any of these options will provide you with a unique and fun experience in which you can express your creativity while you enjoy the company of the wine and the beauty of nature.

You can come to our workshop, with friends, couple or just to meet new people while you enjoy experimenting with painting fluoride and enjoy wine (we offer white and red wine).

Online reservations. Places are limited.

If you want to Celebrate your Birthday (Private Event) or Team Building with your company, contact us in -""and we will contact you to offer a unique event, and original.

Remember that in Wine and Art Experience and we have other options to paint as: "The Starry Night" or "The Sunflowers" in honor of Vincent Van Gogh, The "Elephant Glow", "Lion Glow", "Medusa Glow", "The Turtle" and experience the new the "Bearbrick Painting" in which we painted a few bears vinyl with different artistic techniques.

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Our painting workshop Fluoride and Wine is an artistic experience, multisensory that pays tribute to the beauty of nature through painting of elephant and her calf and the lion. Participants will explore these iconic creatures through art techniques fluorescent, capturing their distinctive features and their uniqueness. In addition, you will enjoy wines unlimited that will enhance your creative experience and stimulate their senses. This unique experience combines art, nature and the appreciation of wine in an inspiring environment, where creativity flows freely, and celebrates the diversity of life on Earth.